Capital Tech

Our Service


Capital Tech is committed to providing value-added services to project. Our ability to understand what our clients really need is the solid foundation of our technical solution. We have helped our clients on realising project goals through technical advise and stable manufactoring.

Our Strength

Our team of machinery experts and extensive choice of equipments create synergy on providing integrated solutions. We have been constantly upgrading our software and hardware, knowledge and equipment, keeping us ahead of other competitors in this pragmatic industry throughout the years.


We provide design consultation and assessment for your prototypes


Optimize the sample to the fullest for quality and stability.


Our extensive equipments enables us to complete under full control.

Why Capital Tech

Our problem-focused attitude is the key to providing the ultimate solution, rather than just an answer. We have developed long-term relationship and became comrade with clients due to our persistence on professional perfection. When it comes to the key moments of your project, Capital Tech is the one to count on.  

People We Work With

The Supplier You've Been Looking For

Our extensive equipment line-up covers wide range of producible components, allowing our team to take holistic control of creating the ultimate solution to your project. Our Service not only saved your time and costs, but also created unique added value of knowledge in this dynamic modern market.

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